Feb 262010

Today you all get a biggie, that at first glance could be mistaken for easily legitimate, that would be until you contact them and find out more.  Here is what is received originally.

Halliburtun Employment scam

At first this email would look legitimate especially if you are currently job hunting.

Now, this seems legit, if you ignore the fact that the domain being used to send the email isn’t owned by Halliburton.   That added with the fact that Halliburton has on their official site a statement that states there are currently fraudulent employment offers being transmitted via email.

Let’s say you ignore these facts, or choose to bait a little bit more and email them back wanting to get more information.  Well here is the first part of the email you would receive.

Halliburtun Scam bad Logic

600 Trillion Dollars, Billion would have been more believable.

Here is where it gets pretty fantastically bad in the realm of realistic logic.  A project that is valued at more than 600 trillion dollars.  The GDP for the entire world in 2009 was put at 57.53 trillion dollars.

They must have a lot of belief in their contact to value it over 10 times that of the entire world’s GDP, that’s some serious cash, better get in on it.

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