Dec 172013

Enlarge Your Pink

No idea what is even meant by ‘Enlarge your pink’.   Not sure pink is something that is often used to describe what these pills are supposed to be for.

In this instance we know what the pill is supposed to enlarge, as it is quite obvious.  The name on the from address is even more convincing that you are supposed to “Get BIGGER” with their free sample.  Now of course what doesn’t seem on target is the text of the actual email leading up to the link.

What do sorority sisters have to do with a pill that enlarges your unit?   The world may never know, but there it is in this email.

Now GMail has flagged this spam message as also being suspicious as similar to other messages that try and steal your personal information.  So is this actually about pills that will ‘Enlarge your pink’ or is it actually trying to steal personal information from you instead.  In this case it’s probably best not to find out.

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