Dec 102013

NC State University Position Opening Personal Comment Spam

While this email is legitimately from an NC State University Email account and it’s about an actual NC State University Position Opening it is still flagged as spam.  The reason for this is because the spammers are using the ability to insert a personal message in order to spread their spam.

This is a type of spam you will see from time to time.  Spammers taking advantage of a piece of software that sends out legitimate emails to try and make their spam get into your inbox successfully.  In this instance they were still unsuccessful in getting post Google’s spam filters.

The problem in this email lies in the application that the NC State University Position Opening website uses to send a position to a friend via email. It lends itself to exploitation and in this case to send spam messages to unexpecting people.  This could be easily fixed with a number of different options to ensure that it can’t be abused in this way.

Clicking on the links will bring you to one of the ever growing number of make money quickly websites that want to sell you the secret to success of being your own boss and making money from home.  These all end up being a waste of money are are nothing more than a way for the spammer to be their own boss and make money from home.


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