Dec 192013

Two Year Degrees are just as good as four

Are two year degrees just as good as four?  That’s what this advertisement would have you believe.  But the real question is four of what?  Or was it supposed to mean that two  1-year degrees are just as good as four 1-year degrees?  If so that doesn’t seem right on math alone.

If that little tidbit wasn’t enough to prove that four is better than two then lets take this guy in the advertisement.  He obviously just got his 2 degrees (but is only holding one) and is in the process of graduating.  Which begs the question, why does he have his laptop with him?  Did he walk up onto the stage with his cap, gown and laptop like it was part of the normal attire?  If he had gotten 4 degrees I bet he wouldn’t have done that!

Now lets get onto the nuts and bolts of the email itself.  It is yet another Email that Google has correctly identified as spam and it even gives you the reason for it.  Lots of messages sent from his sender are spam, so thus this one is also likely spam.  Seems Legit.

One thing to note is that this email has two footers: One is in the image with an unsubscribe link that is also the same as the image link and then a second footer with different information and another link to unsubscribe.  Both footers also have addresses associated with them that are different.  So who is the email really from?

The important thing is if you are going to go for a degree of any point you should do some research before picking a school and not rely on the spam-folder-filling emails that show up from god knows who to try and sell you on getting a two year degree.

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