Dec 062013

WhatsApp Incoming Voicemail Notification Spam

This WhatsApp Incoming Voicemail notification email was correctly identified as spam by Gmail, which is good because this email is certainly not what it seems.

First of all the email originated from an email address outside of the WhatsApp domain space.

Secondly, the recipient of this email address doesn’t use WhatsApp or even knew what it was prior.

But had you known what it was it may have seemed pretty close to an actual notification email, until you mouse over the listen button and see that the URL goes to an HTML page on a domain that is certainly not WhatsApp as well.

So this email was pretty obviously spam, but it does beg the question: Why would you get a notification on an incoming voicemail and how would the email know how long the voicemail is if it is incoming.  It’s unknown if that’s how their emails are normally worded but it doesn’t seem that it is correct.

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