Jan 232014

Edible Arrangements Email Misuse Spam

This email is most definitely spam, what seals the deal is the disclaimer at the bottom saying the company responsible for sending the email takes no responsibility for it being spam. 

Nothing but your standard make money quick scheme here.  Sent to you from what would appear to be an ATT.NET email address that would lead you to believe that this person has a Proven Cash System.   However, at the bottom of the email you see something strange, a disclaimer.  The disclaimer says that Edible Arrangements takes no responsibility for the nature or language of the message sent.  So after some digging into the Email headers you can see that this email did in fact originate from Edible Arrangements’ mail servers.

What’s most concerning is that they are aware that their mail server is being used to send spam, but yet don’t care.   The only thing they do is give you an email address that you can use to report misuse.  Well then, why not improve your system to avoid misuse?

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