Jan 032014

Nigeria FBI Beneficiary

David Jackson says he’s an FBI agent working in Nigeria, then why isn’t he sending you an email from an FBI email account and instead using Yahoo with a reply-to email address going to gmail?  

Obviously, David Jackson isn’t who he says he is.  He’s not an FBI agent working out of Nigeria, he’s probably not even in Nigeria or named David Jackson.  All he wants is your bank account information and he will do whatever he can to trick you into giving it away.

Sure the thought of millions of dollars just sitting there waiting for you to claim is very tempting, but let’s be real here.  When was the last time you talked to anyone actually from Nigeria?  And based on the poverty level of Nigeria, how many millions of dollars are actually floating around?

Now the way this email reads is that is in response to other scams based out of Nigeria that try and make you pay larges amounts of money in order to release your millions of dollars to you.  One of the oldest scams in the book, so it makes sense that they are now trying to key in on that in order to make their scam seem more legit.

But if this was really an FBI agent, they would be using an actual name to address to in the email, instead of just blanketing it “beneficiary”.  Not to mention you would assume that an FBI agent would have better English skills as all of the errors make the email hard to read.

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