Mar 042014

AOL Update Verify Now

We must have been left out of the loop when AOL started using a 0 (ZERO)  in it’s name instead of the letter O.  If that wasn’t enough, the improper english should seal the deal that this email is in fact legit right?

Okay, so AOL isn’t A0L, there is no zero and never will be.  So if you see it in the subject of an email then it’s likely to avoid those nasty spam filters.   Also probably why they thought spacing everything out would do the same thing.

Next, if this is an email coming from a major company like America Online, they are going to use proper english.  No one wants to be THAT company that sends out emails that have bad grammar/spelling.

Finally, if that isn’t enough, looking at the link it takes you to a page on the domain  We’re going to go ahead and assume it isn’t owned by AOL.

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